Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Can I see my child’s picture before I buy it? Yes! Your child’s image will be online in about 3 weeks. If you did not pre-order, you can call our studio for a shoot key (password) or you should receive a “second chance” card when the other students receive their packages with the log-in info (for school photography only).

Can I order my child’s photos from last year? Yes! Simply call our office and ask for your shoot key (password) to view and order online.

What is included in the registration package? Registration packages for schools and sports vary from shoot to shoot. Please contact our office for the details on your particular shoot.

What is in the “All digital files” package? An 8×10 individual of your child, a collage, calendar, magazine cover and memory mate (for sports) or composite (for elementary schools only). These images are sent to you via email and include a copyright release form. This package is great for sharing with relatives who live far away or simply for families who want to archive each year’s photos!

I ordered online. Do I need to print a receipt to give to THOP? THOP receives the order via our online ordering system so no paper receipt is necessary. As long as you get a receipt in you email inbox, we received your order and have the proper email address to send your order. Not only is this a convenient way of ordering your child’s photos, this is THOP’s way of helping the environment!

When will my pictures be ready? Generally, production of photos takes 4-6 weeks from the shoot date. However, in some instances a “quick” turn around time is requested if the shoot date is close to the end of a season/school year.

Do I have to pay shipping and handling? No, the pictures will be delivered to your coach/teacher. However, there are certain home school clients that will have to have the photos mailed directly to the ordering party (please check your specific ordering envelope for details).

Can I order “buddy” photos? Yes! All “buddy” photos are offered as a-la-cart items. Please see a THOP representative on the day of shoot for details.

How do I order online? There are 3 easy steps to ordering online with THOP!

  • On our website click on the gold “Client Previews” button.
  • Click on the “Sports and Schools” button.
  • Enter your password/shoot key (can be found on the order form) and enter your email address.

How long do I have to place my order online? Images are online for 1 year from the shoot date.

Are you running behind on your shoot schedule? We have checked in teams up until the current time and are waiting on teams that have checked in and are ready to go back and we will get your team back as soon as possible.

If I order a calendar will it be for this year or next year? All calendars are printed with the next year’s dates.


Sports FAQs

My child missed their team photo can I have them photo-shopped in? Yes, there is an additional fee for that. Please call our office for details. However, you will need to provide THOP with a photo of your child (3) different ways:

  • Standing with their hands behind their back, feet together in a full-length shot.
  • Kneeling on the ground, on both knees with their hands behind their back.
  • Sitting cross cross-legged with their hands in their lap.

Do I have to wait for my team’s scheduled time if we are ready? THOP representatives will try to accommodate early/late teams. Just be sure you are checked in and let the crew know that you would like to be accommodated. We will get you in as soon as possible! We do stick to the picture day schedule as closely as possible though.

Why did you pick this date/time/location? The league/school decides and coordinates the shoot time/date/location with our studio. We try to have the nicest background and take into account all photographic variables. Such as: Sun location throughout the day, crowd control, games, pedestrian traffic, etc.

Why can’t I go back with my child while he/she is taking their picture? We ask that all parents wait near the coach check in station. We’ve found that we get better expressions from the players when they are getting their photo taken with just their team and coach with them. Exceptions will be made for crying children or those with special needs.

Does everyone need to fill out an envelope? Yes, this provides THOP with valuable information for contacting parents/players in the future were there to be any issues with their images.

Can we pre-order photo to avoid filling out an envelope? Yes! THOP has provided that information on every envelope included in your packet. Parents do not need to print anything out to bring to picture day or fill out any additional paperwork. Encouraging this process will most definitely expedite the photo day process as well!

Will THOP provide change if I pay with cash on the day of photos? Yes! However, we do request that you pay with the exact amount for the fastest service.

Can I pay with credit or debit on the day of photos? Yes! THOP will have a smart phone with that capability at every shoot on the day of photos. You will receive a receipt via email at the time your card is charged.

Should my child come fully dressed in uniform (shoes and all)? Yes! While your child’s entire uniform may not show in their individual photo, the group photo (with their team) is taken in such a way that their entire body will show.

What if we miss picture day? Make Up picture days are offered to those leagues that specifically request it or where it is warranted due to a lack of participation on the regular photo day. Please check with your league to find out when and where your make up photo day will be. We ask you contact your coach or league about the make-up date as soon as you know you may miss picture day since they are often only a week later.

I have multiple players in the league; can I have them photographed together? Yes! Your coach should have received a “buddy envelope” with the rest of the picture day flyers that you can fill out. However, if you are unable to obtain one from your coach, your THOP team will have plenty with them on the day of the shoot.

What if I want to do something special for the coach? THOP has many options to choose from. Please ask a representative on the day of your shoot or simply call our office to discuss custom plaques, mugs, etc. that can be made into special “Thank you to our Coach” gifts.